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This program has changed my life

The Golden Voyage Program has changed my life in the most wonderful ways. I never knew how simple achieving true health of mind and body can be. Doc Milligan demonstrated the easy to follow and understand daily activities including Breath, Flexibility, HIIT, Resistance, and Nutritional Training's. The Program is held together by the profound process of Reconnecting The Thinking Brain With The Physical Body. The end result is a new me. My whole outlook in day to day life has trained me to make choices my body loves.
Mascal Milligan

In our modern day societies food has become a huge nutritional juggernaut. Lets get back to basics. For good health choose those foods that are as close to natural as possible.

Hydration is often overlooked as a critical element of healthy living. Do you know how much water the human body requires for proper function?


 You absolutely must have air to survive. You will only last minuets if you are deprived of your air supply. Breathing exercises are the fastest way to see all parts of your life enhanced dramatically. 

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What are you Supposed to EAT

Anything you can put into your mouth falls into one of Four Categories. Eat from Categories 1, 2, & 3 to propel cell regeneration to create your healthy new body. Category 4 foods will lay waste to your efforts to achieve good health.

Questions about Your health

Fitness Training

The key to fitness is to train without injury. The ProHealthWeb program will guide you safely to your fitness goals. Teaching the value of Focus, Breath, and Full Range of Motion with all activities we ask of you.

Why I developed this Program the Way I did

Hi I’m Doc Milligan and I’ve been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over a quarter of a century. These years have allowed me to perfect a program that is suitable for ALL who are seeking the safest path to health. My program is made of 4 critical aspects for fitness: Breath, Flexibility, Cardio, & Resistance. 

Doc MIlligan

Breath is the single most important nutrient for your body. Training your thinking brain to continuously breath correctly is is the linchpin of the ProHealthWeb message. 

Flexibility of the human frame is a good indicator of the quality of health. Everyone of us is unique in our capacity. At ProHealthWeb  we encourage our thinking brains to continuously ask for more during our training programs.

Increase stamina, reduce resting heart rate, training your cells to absorb and utilize oxygen. A wellspring of energy will wash over you every day. Clarity of thought and clear vision will result from cardio training the Pro Health Way. 

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This is the final stage in the ProHealthWeb. We have conditioned ourselves to breathe to thrive, increase flexibility, and utilize massive amounts of oxygen. Now it is time to gain a deeper connection with our bodies by providing resistance to our flexible, oxygen rich, conditioned bodies. 

3 Fundamental Principals

Our four training protocols are welded together with three fundamental principles that are unique to our teaching system. ProHealthWeb Protocols and Principals will guide you to your full health potential rapidly and safely. You will avoid injury, setting in motion a lifetime of vim, vigor, and vitality.

1. Focus

Complete and total focus on the information coming into your brain while training is paramount in achieving incomparable results. Train the brain and the body will respond. Avoid any extraneous thoughts while undertaking our protocols and reap the reward of perfect health in record breaking time, without time consuming injury.

2. Breath

Oxygen is the single most important nutrient for the body. All seven trillion cells that make you, you use oxygen every moment to do their jobs. Supplying them with copious amounts of oxygen is critical to good health. The diaphragm is designed to perform this function perfectly. Are you contracting this muscle 20,000 times a day? 

3. Full range of motion

Movement is life, and stasis is death. Remember the adage, “Use it, or Lose it.” That applies to the human body and its health. The more positions we can adopt with our physical bodies, the more health we can actualize. 

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Connecting Your Thinking Brain With Your Physical Body.

This is the critical and often overlooked element to good health. The brain controls every function of your body through the nerve system. You have the ability to tap into that knowledge if you are willing to train daily. When you do sleep becomes deeper, energy soars, and vitality is restored. The result is a healthier, happier, connected you from now onward.

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When will I notice a change in my health?

From the moment you make a healthy choice your body will respond. High quality input leads to high quality output. You will notice more and more with your daily training. Health is a life-long program.

Does your stomach go in, or out when breathing?

Air in-belly-out. Air out-belly-in. Breathing-in fills the lungs  so the belly will be pushed out.


My heart pounds really hard in Hiit. Is that okay?

Visit your cardiologist to be certain of your capacities. Given the all clear signal, saddle up and train your cardio/respiratory system for good health.

Can I go out to dinner on the PHW Plan?

Absolutely! We highly recommended a once a week live it up, go wild and crazy. Over time your choices will naturally evolve into higher quality choices even on your live it up night. 

How much water should I drink?

Two to three quarts/liters per day depending on body size and activity. If you get thirsty, you’ve waited too long to hydrate.

I am fifty pounds overweight and 50 years old. How long will it take me to loose this fat?

Congratulations! You have noticed the extra storage on your body. I encourage you to change your mindset and ask a new question. How can I become as healthy as I can be? Train your brain-the body will follow. All things being equal around two pounds per week and double it for the times you wonder off the path.


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