45 Minute Resistance Training Workout Plan

This is a full body Resistance Training Workout Plan which takes 45 minutes to complete.

  • Three days a week, resting 1 day between each session.
  • Stretch for 5 to 10 minute before each session. (click here for stretch routine)
  • * Keep the spine erect, shoulders back, and chin up for ALL training.
  • * Remember, sore is good, pain is not. If your body says, “Stop,” you stop!

The last 2 cannot be said enough. That’s why they are in bold!

  • Lunge
  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Straight Arm Bent Over Row
  • Straight Arm Machine Seated Row
  • Machine Pull Downs
  • Abdominal Leg Lifts
  • Chest Press
  • Biceps Curl
  • Deltoid Lateral Raise
  • Triceps Pushdowns

Repeat after me:

“I will keep my spine erect, shoulders back, and chin up for ALL training”

“Sore is good, pain is not. If my body says, “Stop,” I will stop”

This is your mantra remember it! You never need to overexert yourself. Only to consistently exert yourself.


mountain ridge

You are well on your way on your Golden Voyage to Good Health.

You are:

“Reconnecting your Conscious Thinking Brain with your Physical Body, using Focus, Breath, Full Range Of Motion.”

Now is the time to elevate the Connection with a Resistance Training Workout Plan.

The goal of resistance training is to further the connection of your conscious thinking brain with your physical body. You have conditioned yourself to have complete awareness of thriving breath directed to the body part you want to move. You are aware of the limits of your tendons and ligaments that allow for the movement of each joint.

Each of your seven trillion cells are burning oxygen like a roman candle. Now we must add the power of strength and connect with conviction.


If no, click here for step 1

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Incorporate resistance training only after becoming completely comfortable with all the other steps on the Golden Voyage Health Guide. The chance for injury is greatest when adding resistance to the Voyage. This is why we have spent so much time becoming aware of our “Selves.” For some it will be many weeks, others many months.

Your training has become a matter of fact. You are devoting a minimum of forty-five minutes a day three days a week with breath work, flexibility training-moving through resistance in all joints of the body, and burning oxygen with intensity. You are loving life and want to delve deeper into who you are, increasing the expression of the power of You.

This can be accomplished only by stressing the system. Done correctly you will rise to the challenges you place upon yourself and grow in physical strength of biomass and of mental character.

We have been conditioning our minds and connecting with our physical bodies and have complete awareness of our current selves. All the training we have done has prepared us for controlled application of stress to the system to encourage a stronger, deeper, more robust, more gratifying connection of brain to body. Power up, let’s get this party started.


Just like stretching, and cardio training, resistance training can be accomplished in a gazillion ways. I will use weights as a demonstration.

We must use all the training we have mastered in the previous steps when training with resistance. “Reconnect the conscious thinking brain with the physical body, through Focus, Breath, Full Range of Motion.

When performing each set the procedure is the same.

Consciously focus on the muscle you are training,

Then inhale directing the breath to the muscle, on exhale contract the muscle slowly, deliberately, with complete awareness through the joints Full Range of Motion.

When fully contracted begin a focused inhale while consciously returning the joint to its original position using eccentric contraction. The pace should be half that of the contraction phase. When necessary use multiple breaths on the return.

Remember, the intention is to gain a deeper connection between brain and body, not how much weight you can lift. Select a weight (resistance) that exhausts the muscle between 8 and 12 repetitions in one set. This is your time to focus on YOU. Do not allow the mind to wander off during resistance training. Connect brain with body.

You can connect and create the body you want. After training with a particular weight for some time, working up to 12 reps, and you want the muscle to become larger, select a heavier weight that exhausts the muscle within 8 reps and work up to 12 again. Once you have achieved the desired size of muscle remain at that weight for 12 reps.

The routine I am going to describe and demonstrate is for those of us who are on the journey to good health. For those who have different goals like endurance training, competitive bodybuilding, etc. will require modifications to this program.

This is a full body routine which takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. We do this every other day, three days per week. The other three days are used for flexibility and cardio training. Leaving one day off.

* Keep the spine erect, shoulders back, and chin up for ALL training.

* Remember, sore is good, pain is not. If your body says, “Stop,” you stop.

Begin with a 5 to 10 minute stretch. Maybe a two to four breath flexibility program as discussed in step 4. Then begin resistance work with larger muscle groups first.

Lunge: Breathe both directions, keep forward knee behind toes

Shoulder Shrug: Shoulders way back, chin way up.

Straight Arm Bent Over Row

Straight Arm Machine Seated Row

Machine Pull Downs

Abdominal Leg Lifts: Contract core muscles. prior to lifting legs

Chest Press: Start and stop wrists at chest level

Biceps Curl

Deltoid Lateral Raise

Triceps Push-Downs

* Remember, sore is good, pain is not. If your body says, “Stop,” you stop.


OK Sunset

Following the plan thus far on Your Journey on A Golden Voyage to Good Health for six months or a year will have improved the entirety of your Self dramatically. Now we move on to a discussion of the second most important nutrient to your body, Water. Join us in our next article, How many liters of water should you drink in a day?

If you have any questions or want to leave a comment please do in the box below. Also feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks!

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  1. Great workout plan. I normally don’t have a routine when working out which is why I have probably not gotten the results I hoped on achieving. When carrying weights, I normally work myself out until I am completely exhausted. Do you think that is a good idea or am I to take it down a notch?

    1. If you are following the Focus, Beath, Full Range of Motion set up then yes! Work the muscle group you are focusing on to exhaustion. Remember slower is better but to exhaustion always.

  2. I am really out of shape and this seems like a really good program. I am gonna look around a little bit and try some of this out t
    thank you

    1. You are very welcome Brian. Please do and let me know what you think about some of the exercises.

  3. This is surely a great resource for health & fitness! Im one of the millions out there who unknowingly hunching their backs leaving me with painful neck and shoulder, and eventually a headache. This will be a useful work out plan for me! Thank you!

    1. Glad I could point it out for you. I love knowing I have helped someone realize an easily fixable problem. It’s the simple ones that slip by unnoticed. And please let me know how the plan is working out for you.

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