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Women chopping fruit to put into her Beckool Portable blender

I want to help you find the best portable blender available. In this article, I’ll explain how I’ve come to the conclusion of the best portable blender. Let’s find out what this new travel craze is about!

Beckool’s Warranty Sold Me 

Beckool's Red Portable Blender with fruit inside

Let me start off with their 2-year warranty. No other blender offers this, with others the most I’ve found is a 90-day warranty which is still good in my opinion it’s just more is better.

And if 2 years isn’t long enough they also offer an Extended 3 & 4-year warranty for less than  5 and 6 bucks.

While some of the other blenders come with great attachments (cup, ice trays, etc.) the few that I’ve combed through are all close to the same in design durability, and function.

“Here’s the skinny”

Coffee shops are at every corner but smoothie shops, are more around the corner down the street and to the left. If you know what I mean?

skinny belly big pants showing lose of weight

Smoothies are a, blend now, drink now kind of beverage. I’ve tried storing mine for later but they just don’t have much shelf life, even in the fridge you’re left with a less than an hour window.

So if you’re trying to find a better way to start your day and still be as quick as stopping for a cup of coffee.

From money savings to charging phones, having your next meal has never been healthier for the busybody.

“Under the hood” Blender Mechanics


Yes, this bad boy has a USB port! Obviously for recharging the battery but can also be used to charge your phone which we all know to be a lifesaver.

USB port on the bottom of PopBabies personal blender

Battery/Motor Power

Batteries can range from 15000 to 25000rpm

this will last up to 20 blending sessions

Blender Capacity

Blender cup size can range from 12-20oz (350-600ml). The closer you get to the 20oz size will make for a more filling meal. At home, I make somewhere between 30-40oz (850-1200ml) so half that is great for a quick meal.  And you can always opt for blending a second batch.

BPA-free and FDA, CE and RoHS approved

Can You Fly With Your Blender?

Clearly, a portable blender is optimum for any health-conscious traveler. All the little fruit stands you pass with perfectly ripped fruit ready to be blended together with no bender in site.

Not to worry the great world we live in has solved yet another unknowing problem bringing freshly made smoothies wherever you are.

Check in is OK at TSA

Can I fly with my blender? I have read a bit of controversy whether you can have your blender in your carry-on bag but to be safe I would leave it with your check-in baggage.

But I’m only scratching the surface when it comes to the perks of having one of these in your bag.

Protein Shake

Tired of your clumpy protein shake this will become the only way to mix your pre or post workout shakes. Whether water, milk or juice blending your protein together makes for a much better tasting shake than to try to mix shaking a plastic bottle.


The powder and water combination can get old fast so I put a little fruit in my shake to switch it up.


I’m only going to say this once peanut butter and banana milkshakes make the world go around.

But it’s not the only delicious dessert that can be blended, pudding or even a mousse is a divine way to end the day and easy to make with your own ingredients.

2-minute mousse that can be used in a portable blender

Yes, we are stepping out of the complete health comfort zone but the cause is worth it when cheat day rolls around.

And your favorite milkshake can now be on the go with a little ice crème milk and …..I’ll let you fill in the rest.

And your favorite milkshake can now be on the go with a little ice crème milk and …..I’ll let you fill in the rest.

Adult Beverages

Let’s not forget the liquid courage!

And for some that like to mix and match, when going to a picnic or maybe your kid’s sports events you will likely become the hit of the evening making mix drinks in your own personal portable blender cup.

$Dollar a day keeps the doctor away

When you go to smoothie shops or hitting the dessert menus at your favorite restaurants the money can start to add up quickly.

These uses are at the fraction of the cost when buying your own supplies and blending them yourself.

So do your self a favor and give that piggy bank a rest.

Techniques & Skills for Blending

The blades run up to 60 seconds and stop automatically. Some blender for 30 seconds. (This is more than enough time to blend properly prepared fruit).

Fruits and vegetables blend best when cut into 1/4″ chunks. Basically the smaller the better and less wear on the blender.

table of assorted colorful fruits

Pulse blending:  Is when you press the button let it run for a short period of time (3-5 seconds) then stop and repeat until satisfied with the consistency.  This will allow the chunks to sink down to the bottom to make sure you get everything blended nicely into a smoothie.

Shake method: A gentle shake will allow the blades to achieve momentum to cut the contents into smaller pieces a little bit at a time until it’s finished.


When traveling around the world or just to the office this product can supply a variety of personally blended meals and desserts with a quick reach in your bag and push of a button

If you have any questions about portable blenders or if you want to leave your own personal review please leave it in the comment below. Thank you!!


6 stainless steel blades

Blender Capacity: 13oz (384.456ml)

Crush Ice: Yes

Rated Voltage: 7.4V

Working Current: 175W

Battery: 4000mAh, 10-18A

Blade speed: 22000 rpm

Blending session: 20 times full charge

Warranty: 2 years


6 stainless steel blades

Blender Capacity: 14-17oz (420-530ml)

Crush Ice: Yes

Rated Voltage: 3.7V

Working Current: -W

Battery: 4800mAh, 12A

Blade speed:

Blending session: 20 times full charge


PopBabies personal blender

6 stainless steel blades

Blender capacity: 16oz (473.176ml)

Crush Ice: Yes

Rated Voltage: 7.4V

Working Current: 175W

Battery: 4000mAh, 10-18A

Blade speed:  22000 rpm

Blending session: 20 times full charge



6 stainless steel blades

Blender capacity: 16oz (473.176ml)

Crush Ice: Yes

Rated Voltage: 7.4V

Working Current: 175W

Battery: 4000mAh, 10-18A

Blade speed:  22000 rpm

Blending session: 20 times full charge

Warranty: 90 day no hassle just email when you purchase

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  1. Hey, I hope all is well:-)

    I have not seen a portable blender before till now and I can definitely see it’s many advantages, you could even make a smoothie on a road trip, lol. Thats cool.

    I am very interested in one of these products, I have a portable kettle so why not have a portable blender too, camping made easier and healthier 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this article, have a great day and all the success, health, wealth and happiness that you desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. Yeah I haven’t seen one until I was doing some keyword search on jaxxy and these popped up. Had to do a review then lol.

  2. A really nice and clean page with lots of useful information, thanks

  3. Thanks for the blender review! I need a good blender so I can make healthy juices, the one I have at the moment is a cheap one which can only blend soft things really.
    I’m excited to try one of these! That chocolate mouse idea is intriguing to me right now

    1. So many different uses for a portable blender and yeah I haven’t tried the mousse yet either but definitely on my list of things to do. Thanks for the comment Danielle!

  4. Hi,

    Great stuff! I’m a big fan of juices and smoothies. Thanks for your best portable blender recommendation, I’ll definitely give it a try.

    1. Same here it’s definitely how I start my day. I was pretty excited when I stumbled on these.
      Let me know how it turns out for you Ivan.

  5. I just returned from a month long trip to Alaska. I have a smoothie every day, and while in Alaska I didn’t get to do that. I would have loved to have had a portable blender with me! I stayed with my dad who does not have a blender. I will be heading back to Alaska in December, and this time I can go with my own blender. I like this. I will take a look at the different blender offerings you have listed to see which one will work best. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey Matts Mom
      Good to hear from you again! Hope you enjoyed your trip?
      I liked the Beckool comes with all the necessary components, nice size, good speed, comes in a couple colors and offers the best warranty. Hope this helps and safe travels!!

  6. I’ve never heard of portable blenders before! Pretty sweet concept, 22000 rpms is fast but do they have a lot of torque? I’d definitely consider one for protein shakes, don’t know anyone that likes clumps in their drink.

    1. I don’t know an exact number on torque but they crush small ice cubes. I would say grab the one with the 2-year warranty and have at it.

      Pretty good value for the money I thought. Hope this helps and thanks Nate.

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