Conscious Connections

Congratulations! Hard work, dedication, and focused will-power has led you to Connect Your Conscious Thinking Brain With Your Physical Body Through, Focus, Breath, Full Range of Motion.

You have increased your Cardio-Respiratory function, and you have deepened your Conscious Connections with Resistance Training.

Tell me, how do you feel?


I know how I feel.

Honored, honored to be aware of who I am, and grateful for expelling who I am not.

Moving through restrictions every day, marveling at the majesty of me. Sucking up gigantic volumes of oxygen with intensity.

Supplying ample fuel to the trillions of cells that make my body. Connecting deeply with every individual muscle that enables me to move about. Feeling and knowing the strength, the power, the absolute conviction I Am.

I AM, And So Are YOU

I Am an aware, active presence in our world. Where once was tepid living is now robust, vibrating life.

Colors are dazzling, sounds are harmonic, smells are redolent, taste is succulent, and the feel of life is textured and intriguing.

Engaging in living is joy. Rising to greet the day is humbling to know I am yet again honored to “Experience.”

They’re Coming

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware they are coming. Coming to take me down, hurl me into pain, despair, illness, disorder, and chaos.

These ornery stressors of life. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Chemical Stressors bombard us every moment of every day. Continually entering the body in an attempt to restrict the expression of who we are. Replacing with who we are not. They are coming. You can bank on it.

You have come this far on your Journey to Good Health. Keep the wind in your sails. Tack when needed to keep forward momentum.

Seldom can we travel in a straight line for long.

Direction Connection

Every path takes twists and turns. Sometimes we become distracted and lose the trail. Not to worry. When you figure out you have deviated a bit too far, gently remind yourself of your chosen destiny.

Regain the path to good health. Put one foot in front of the other heading in the Direction of Connection.

Directing one’s own destiny is challenging, and worthy of the effort. When it comes to health, we, individually are the most highly qualified physician. No other can know what we innately know about ourselves.

Radiant Me, Yep That’s You

Okay, to be fair we will be required to gain knowledge about Food, Water, and Air. As well as carve out forty-five minutes a day to engage in the Action Steps of Connection. And after prolonged engagement will exemplify the most “Radiant Me” that each of us can be.

Keep those, and these thoughts in mind as the years fly by. Health is not a destination, it is a life-long journey.

We express ourselves through our physical bodies. Fulfilling expression requires as healthy a physical body as we can muster. Not just today, or tomorrow, or next week, month, year. For all days, every day, for always.


There is one thing you can count on in this life. There will always and continually be some person, place, or thing that will distract you from making the choice to continue expressing who you are. It, they, those, will load you down with restrictions.

Ain’t Life Grand

Stay strong. Remain committed to your good health. Year, after year, after year, until you draw your last belly breath, spend forty-five minutes a day, six days a week moving though your restrictions seeking your connection and life will be grand.

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