Eating Clean Food-List of Tools for the Kitchen

clean vegetables surrounding French Chef Knife
  • Cutting Boards
  • French Chef Knife
  • Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Dehydrator
  • Sprouting Method
  • Baby Green Pots and Soil
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Compost Bin (optional)

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In this article, we discover the tools needed in our kitchen to prepare Category 2 – Bioactive Foods on the Eating Clean Food List.

It is all well and good to read about Bioactive foods on the Eating Clean Food List. Now let’s put your newfound knowledge into practice in your own kitchen.

Feed Me

high quality foods from a farmers market

First gather the highest quality FVSNGL you can find from your garden, local farmers market, natural food store, chain supermarket, wherever you can find the best you can find and can afford. Remember, we are doing the best we can do, to be the best we can be. It will be different for everyone.

You have your FVSNGL at home, cleaned and stored on the counters in bowls, refrigerator, and cupboards. And your belly and your families bellies are saying, “Feed me.”

Chop It Up

slicing a zucchini into thin strips on a wood cutting board

You get out two giant-sized cutting boards, one for you, and one for your sous chef. You have a third smaller cutting board used exclusively for the more pungent veggies like onions, garlic, chives. Garlic flavored watermelon is repugnant to my taste buds anyway.

It is morning so you cut up your favorite blend of fruits or veggies. Pop them into the blender and eat. {Click here for a good review on VITIMIX} Remember to chew your liquids, and chew your solids until they are liquid.

Food Staple

The chickpeas have sprouted ¼ inch whitetails signifying they are ready to be made into hummus (an almost daily staple) that is a good accompaniment to many meals.

Today’s batch will be sundried tomato with a hint of jalapeno. Get out the food processor, drop the ingredients in, blend together until creamy and store for lunch or dinner, or serve right away.


The neighbor stopped by with a huge bag of apricots from a bumper crop of fruit, or the market had the price marked way down so you bought a load of them. Regardless of how you have them, you know they won’t be eaten before they spoil, so out comes the dehydrator.

Cleaned, pitted, sliced, laid out on the racks and in short order, you have jars of scrumptious nuggets of delight that will remain good to eat for a good long while.

I have a few useful tips HERE if you’re looking to buy a dehydrator

Staff of Life

Another use of the dehydrator is in the making of crackers and sprouted loaves of bread. The original Staff of Life, which is the preparation does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using your sprouting method to grow the seeds you want in your bread or cracker combining other seeds/nuts, dried fruits, and herbs to taste, mix together and layout on the drying racks until the desired texture is achieved.

Of course, all the more common kitchen utensils will be required such as pots, pans, steamers, strainers, measuring cups/spoons, bowls, plates, forks, spoons, knives, scissors for snipping baby green leaves, Tupperware, etc.

What will change is what you will find in your pantry.

Garbage Be Gone

Out go the boxes, cans and bags of Biocidic Food. In comes jars of dried fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes. All of which are bought in bulk eliminating mountains of packaging garbage.

No Garbage

Our modern day food program requires massive amounts of packaging. Think of a simple box of breakfast cereal. The box is consists of cardboard made from tree pulp. It is covered in multicolored chemical ladened ink. Inside the box is more packaging made of plastic. Canned goods, frozen stuff in plastics all must be disposed of and dumped somewhere.

Some societies employ large trucks to wander through neighborhoods collecting several trash cans full of garbage from each household every week.

Once the truck is packed full it chugs down the highway for miles and miles to end in a refuse disposal site. All of which is harmful to our living standards.

Other societies discard their trash anywhere. We call it pollution. Whether contained or scattered food packaging is a problem. Wouldn’t it be terrific to reduce or eliminate it through improved food choices?

Altering your food choices to engage in Category 1-3 as your way of living will dramatically reduce your refuse on the outside of your body. And as a super bonus, the inside of your body too.

Soil Making

Speaking of refuse. Cutting, chopping, peeling, and all the other processing of live foods create the perfect ingredients for composting. Whether a single individual living in an apartment or a family of six living on a farm, composting will render nutrient-rich soil for your use.

Using a commercially designed compost bin can help you become successful in the endeavor. The more space available the simpler the task becomes. Fear, not apartment dwellers you too can successfully turn waste into Bioactive Baby Greens over and over again.

We prepare foods to eat over and over again every day. Stocking our kitchens with the tools necessary to accomplish the task with ease will help us enjoy the process.

The tools mentioned in this article will help us make Category 1-3 our foods of choice. Our bodies will love us for it.

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What’s Next

For those who have been less than kind to their bodies by overeating leading to excess energy stored as fat will want to join us in our next article How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally where we discuss the methods of using the stored energy sources and not allow them to build up again.

If you have any questions or want to leave a comment please do in the box below. Also feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks!

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  1. hello
    I try to eat healthy too; Unfortunately, we have not yet known of Electric Food Dehydrator and Envirocycle Indoor Compost Bin; the latter would be very good for my garden; thanks for posting

    1. Those two products are one of many ways to skyrocket health.

      Dehydrated foods are great for how much longer the foods last even without refrigeration.

      There is truly nothing better for a garden that rich compost soil.

  2. Hi Doc
    Thank you, this post makes one enthusiastic to be in the kitchen.
    Making compost of peels from fruit and veggies as well as tops and ends are vital for the harvesting of crop for the next season from your garden. The quality and taste will be so much better.
    Looking forward to the next post, might be what I need.
    Bush Lady.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Composts are truly great and who doesn’t love better fruits and veggies!

  3. How fantastic, A healthy habit to know and follow by everyone. Two birds by a stone. By doing so, not only we may keep our home and society clean and healthy, but it will be recycled to a necessary ingredient for our plants too.
    Everyone should know and follow it to keep the atmosphere healthier for his own and for the next generation too.
    A very good article!

    1. I could just imagine what our world would be like if we as a whole took these few steps more seriously.

  4. Great information here. The though of making hummus sounds wonderful! I love hummus and to make it instead of purchasing it from the grocery store is a great idea! I also love the idea of a compost bin. This is a great way to get awesome soil and so much more environmentally friendly. Great tips there, thank you!

    1. Yeah, I must say I’ve gotten hummus from the store as well and still it’s very delicious. I think the most persuasive reason to make it at yourself is the amount you can end up with. The store-bought hummus is always gone much faster than it should be. But the environment is important too. (:

  5. We always try to eat Healthy and recycle. This article is really interesting and I have learnt some new ideas, Thank You. Mike

    1. We need more people like you in the world Michael! (: Glad you enjoyed it and if you have any questions you don’t hesitate to ask.

      All the best,


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