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No one says it will be easy. I do say it will be worth it. Reconnecting your conscious thinking brain with your physical body through focus, breath, full range of motion will result in a Healthier-Happier you!

Aesop’s Story

Let me relate a story about a patient that presented to my office a few weeks ago. His story is similar to hundreds of patients I have seen over the years. We will call him Aesop.

Aesop was a typical fellow growing up, average grades in school, fairly athletic, enjoyed playing sports, worked hard to improve his mind and body.

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He took his lumps and bruises on the field playing football, tennis, and track. He was knocked unconscious on one play, carried off the field on a particularly vicious blow to the back on another. Undaunted he enjoyed being a part of the team, giving his all in competition.

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Through university, he wasn’t talented enough to gain an athletic scholarship so he played sports in the evening and on weekends when the demands of scholastics permitted. He joined the gym finding less and less time for workouts, which lead to more injuries on the fields of play. An ankle sprain here, a knee twisted there. The low back pain flared up more frequently from that high school tackle in football years ago.

Ignoring the Body

Once graduated from university the demands of the job kept him from being as active as he would have liked. Body weight increased and muscle tone decreased. Even so, he continued to get with the guys on the weekends out on the playing field.

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Body soreness turned to pain ever more frequently. Over the counter pain medications became standard, even finding himself in the medical doctors’ office at least once a year seeking more substantial medication. At this point, Aesop is completely ignorant of his physical body even though it is shouting at him for help!

Give Me Morphine!

Aesop’s body finally gave out one morning when he bent over to pick up his four-year-old son. However, instead of going up, he crashed down to the floor in agonizing pain unable to move. His wife put down their two-year-old daughter and called the paramedics.

The Orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery to repair the herniated discs in his neck and low back. Fearing adverse complications Aesop opted for strong medications to help with the pain.

…That is when he found his way into my office…

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A Broken Body

When I greeted Aesop in the waiting room he was standing, bent to the left at the waist in obvious pain and distress. We managed to get him into the exam room where I reasoned even with his pathology I might, just might be able to help him. I made certain he understood there was only a slim glimmer of hope that we could help his condition.

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The first week of treatments was encouraging. The ashen color in his face was returning to a healthier flesh color. He was ambulating with greater ease and able to sleep fitfully for the first time in weeks.

There is Hope

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The second week we began breath training and he continued to improve. The third week of care came and he was back to work, cautiously playing with his children, walking, sitting, standing for long periods, feeling pretty good.

All this time I had been verbally guiding and Aesop had been studying the action steps necessary to reconnect his conscious thinking brain with his physical body, through focus, breath, full range of motion.

Are You Serious?

Imagine my surprise when during the fourth week of treatment Aesop removing his elastic lumbar support belt, still taking pain medication, with a straight face, in all seriousness asked me how soon he would be able to return to playing sports?

During similar circumstances early in my career I was flabbergasted, dumbfounded, even disturbed when a patient would behave this way.

Slow But Sure

Now, after a quarter of a century witnessing the miracles of the human body to heal and the ignorance of the person not to value the miracle I took his question in stride and simply answered,

“When you can complete action steps 1 through 5 with ease.”

Hopefully, Aesop will learn to value his physical body and take action steps to connect with it. He will listen to his bodies needs and gain health with every passing day. I suspect the opposite will occur, as it has with so many in the past.

Okay I know that is not the best attitude to take. I want you to know the reality of it. Few are the people willing to pursue with diligence their path to good health.

Even those who have been in the depths of despair and manage to recover, return to lackadaisical attitudes regarding their well-being. Do not let that person be you. Begin taking the action steps necessary to create a healthier you.

How About You?

Should you find yourself ignoring yourself again. Start again, and again, and again. Eventually, training will become a part of your life and you will rejoice in the action of taking care of yourself.

It matters not what your condition is at present. Following the action plan and making intelligent choices regarding the substances you consume will lead to more of who you are and less of who you are not.

Perhaps the story of Aesop will encourage you to begin and continue your Golden Voyage to good health. Your Voyage begins here.

A Golden Voyage
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