High Intensity Interval Training Plan

This is great! We are training ourselves to breathe to thrive. We are directing that breath to our restrictions, and moving through them. Reconnecting the conscious thinking brain with the physical body is feeling very good.

Radiant Cell Growth

Now is the time to increase our bodies capacity to burn oxygen and stimulate radiant, new cell growth.

In this article, we will learn to advance our cardiorespiratory output using the “High Intensity Interval Training Plan.” (HIITP)

I have found HIITP to be gentle on the joints, the least time-consuming, and most effective method for increasing cardiorespiratory output (heart pumping near maximum, lungs stress breathing).

Again, there are endless methods for achieving this goal, and I don’t pretend there aren’t other ways to get to the top of the proverbial mountain. For now, let’s take the time to explore this protocol.

Elliptical Trainer

HIITP can be done in the pool, on a re-bounder, outdoor running surface, outdoor bicycle, stationary cycle, and more.

I will describe HIITP using a stationary cycle because most models have a timer and ease of increasing and decreasing resistance during the workout.

Go Hard, or Go Home

The objective is to go as hard as you can for a prescribed period.

Then rest for a prescribed period.

Completing several sets of the two.

In this way, you will improve your bodies ability to utilize more oxygen for a greater length of time. Commonly referred to as cardiorespiratory conditioning.

Let’s get to it. Mount the bicycle and begin pedaling. Set the program to manual. Warm up for several minutes.

Stationary Cycle

Move the resistance level up and down to discover the correct resistance, for when you will be pedaling for all you are worth.

When warmed-up up check the timer, when five seconds or so from sixty seconds increase the resistance.

At the stroke of “0” pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then reduce the resistance to easy pedaling. Keep an eye on the clock, recovering for 60 seconds and no more.

High Intensity Interval Training Plan

Warm up first

  • Go Hard 30 seconds
  • Rest 60 seconds (NO MORE)

(Repeat for three, four, or a maximum of five sets)

Completing just 1- 2 sets is fantastic! Seriously, if you went all out you will be tired. If not “Go Hard” again.

No worries if you can only do a few sets. What counts is that you are doing it. Take your time advancing. Health is a journey, not a destination. When you are ready, move to the next level.

If you plateau for long periods of time, weeks, months, or years, no worries. Work up to five sets at 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off. Then move up to 45 seconds on, 75 seconds off up to five sets. Then finally 60 seconds on, and 90 seconds off for five sets.

Easy Peasy

That’s it, simple as pie, easy peasy. On paper that is. To do this properly, at the end of each “Go Hard” segment, you should have “Left it all on the field” so to speak.

Gasping for air, feeling nauseous, nearly falling from the seat. And when the rest period is over, it is over. You must go “All in” again, heart pounding, rivers of sweat pouring from your brow.


Your brain will likely want to revolt, quit and go home. Use your strength of will to quell those thoughts, and over time your body will respond and love you for it.

Remember each of those seven trillion cells that make you, you, and that they all use oxygen to do their jobs? Yeah? Well each one of them has a life cycle.

Train them to use copious amounts of oxygen through HIITP and they will burn brightly and be replaced with brand new healthy cells.

Or not, and they will be listless, lethargic, smoldering, gasping for expression. Adhering to the HIITP will fire up your life, and you will manifest as the bright, burning flame of radiance you are destined to be.


The benefits of HIITP for stimulating radiant health and avoiding damage to the body cannot be overstated. This protocol results in minimal jarring on the joints of the body. Including ankles, knees, hips, and each vertebral joint.

Witness most of the people plodding down the road thinking they are doing their bodies good.

If you look with a trained eye, you will see their joints getting pounded to pieces.

And when fatigue sets in, it gets worse, thump, thump, thump, and pow, one joint or another gives out completely and they are laid up for weeks, hoping to recover. Many times they never do.

Another benefit is the minimum time invested.

clocks in a piggy bank

This method of cardiorespiratory training at maximum level requires only fifteen minutes, and its cardio benefit is equivalent to pounding the pavement jogging for an hour.

100% the Best

HIITP is far and away the best protocol for encouraging cardiorespiratory health.

Where are YOU going?

The path to good health is an individual journey. It matters not how conditioned you are now. What matters is where you are going. And, we all go at our own pace.

I do recommend you incorporate HIITP a minimum of three days per week. More if desired. Be the radiant one. Make wise choices on your path to good health, and your body will respond. Will you make the effort?

Greater than Equal to 3 days / week

Will, you set aside the time for your personal health, and adopt the protocols that will ensure you pass by the hospital admittance room for your entire, long-lived life?…

…Darn skippy you will!

Join us in our next article where we describe a full body Resistance Training Workout Plan which will complete the process of…

Reconnecting the Conscious Thinking Brain with the Physical Body, using Focus, Breath, Full Range of Motion.

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  1. Hi,

    Found your article really interesting. I have a spin bike at home and I’ve tried high intensity interval training before. I was wondering whether you had any tips on when is best to train in the day? I’ve heard that training in the morning is better for you but I don’t want to be exhausted before most of my day has started. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for your interesting question on what time of day is best to train. The primary focus is to commit to training a minimum of three days per week. The time of day is incidental in the grand scheme of things. Try morning, noon, and night to determine which works best for you. Happy spinning!

  2. I need a good work out that won’t take a lot of my time, you have some great tips here.
    Thanks for the motivation.

    1. A little motivation with some direction goes a long way!

      Enjoy health

  3. I absolutely love HIIT training for the simple reason that I don’t have hours to spend in the gym. I need to be in and out asap so that means going as hard as possible as quickly as possible. Thanks for pointing out the dangers of not listening to your body when your joints are giving up. I’ll keep this in mind so I avoid injury in the future, thanks!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Brandon HIITP a very efficient way to achieve ones desired goals.
      Understanding the difference between fatigue and real pain is critical.

      Pushing past your restrictions is certainly what it’s all about. Causing any damage along the way should, and can be easily avoided if you listen.

  4. It’s funny that you mention the benefits of hiit because that’s actually what I do when I workout. Even though it’s difficult there’s actually a lot of benefits I noticed including more mental alertness. What do you think the best version is though?

  5. This is interesting. I don’t do much cardio anymore as I focus on weightlifting, but I sometimes apply these tactics when lifting high reps, especially during a cut (calorie deficit).

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Yes! I’m a huge advocate for High Intensity Interval Training. I can truly attest its benefits and I have used it in my own training regimen for close to four years. During my competition days, HIIT was one of the staples that helped me get into stage-ready shape. Thank you so much for sharing this article!

    1. Isn’t it great?! Thanks, Todd for the kind words. HIT is the one I recommend for efficiency not that there are not many out there for suited for individuals certain preferences just may take him/her a little longer getting there.

  7. I Love HIIT interval Training and think this content is great! Love the Where are YOU going bit at the bottom – very motivating and encouraging piece! Makes me want to go straight to the gym.

    1. I’m happy to inspire desire! That’s the goal to help people understand that taking the healthy more active path reaps the preferred benefits.

      Have a blessed day

  8. Very insightful information about high intensity interval training. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for many years, but here I am still learning great information like this.

    You made a great point about the mind wanting to “revolt” in the midst of so much pain and work, but it really is worth it, thanks again!

    1. It is a very good program and not for the faint of heart that’s for sure. It does produce the results faster than any other training program I’ve found so far. Mind over matter is a hard concept to follow but not impossible. Glad I could shed some more light on your subject of interest.

      Happy Training!

  9. my wife has been after me to get my butt in shape but im just so lazy. going to the gym for hours doesnt interest me but this does.

    I need a good work out that won’t take a lot of my time, you have some great tips here.
    Thanks for the motivation.

    1. I certainly believe HITP is the way to go to save time and get the results you’re looking for. And you don’t need a gym. I’ve even done the program just running in place for the same periods of time and it’s just as effective.

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