How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

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You are well on your journey to good health. You have incorporated a daily routine of reconnecting your conscious thinking brain with your physical body, drinking copious amounts of water, and consuming foods as close to natural as possible. Now you want to know How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally.

3 possibilities exist to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally.

They are:

  • 1. Reduce food intake
  • 2. Increase energy output
  • 3. Consolidate food intake time

Hungry All Day, Every Day

Let me get this part out-of-the-way right from the get go; If you are going to use your body’s stored energy (fat), You Will Be Hungry All Day, Every Day!!!

The only way I know not to feel hungry is if pharmaceuticals are used.

While some cases require drug therapy, the overwhelming majority of us will lose weight via natural, healthy lifestyle choices.

Good Old Will Power

The training you have accomplished to this point has definitely prepared you to use the will of your brain to overcome the messages of your body when increased health is the outcome (i.e weight loss).

Recall the forced exhaustion of HIITP which you are participating in three days per week. Or, the soreness when asking for a little more motion after detecting a place of resistance during Flexibility Training.

You can utilize the energy you have stored on your body when you put your mind to it. Overcoming the urge to eat. Yep, good old fashion will power.

Let’s show the mind how all that excess fat got layered under your skin in the first place.

Fat By Magic, Or Choice

In the most basic terms, when we put food in our mouths, chew, and swallow our body systems convert the food into body cells or energy.

The energy is used by each cell as fuel to perform its duty. One of the miraculous actions of our bodies is to store unused, excess energy for future use in the event food becomes scarce.

This excess energy is stored in layers under the skin as what we call fat.

So if we eat more food than our body can use, it is converted into fat and distributed all over the body for future use.

Fat can be stored pretty much anywhere around the body. Everyone has a unique system for fat storage.

The most common areas are the belly wrapping around the hips to the back. The buttocks are another common place. The thighs and legs, or arms, neck and face are other places.

The point is that this is an intelligent process our bodies perform to ensure our survival in lean times. Appreciation of this intelligence is warranted, not our condemnation of the fat.

These fat deposits did not magically appear. Each of us made the choice to provide more food than the body needed, so it did what comes naturally. Stored it as fat.

Blue cop sirin with a quote saying "It wasn't me I am Innocent"

The Real Deal

If now, you want to use this stored energy (fat), you must simulate food scarcity by restricting how much you eat, or eat the same amount and increase how much work the body does, or condense the time you eat food during a twenty-four-hour period.

Any of these three actions will unlock the storage vaults of fat for the bodies use in keeping you alive. A combination of the three will lead to fast fat usage.


Let’s examine the first method of using stored fat for the bodies required energy.

1. Reduce food intake.

The average female body uses 1,200 calories (recall, our bodies convert the food we eat into cells or energy? Calorie is the term commonly used to quantify the energy in food, and consequently stored fat) just to sustain life (heart beating, lungs breathing, cell creation, etc.) for a day without any activity.

The average male uses 1,600 calories even while lying on the couch all day.

So if the average woman eats food containing 1,200 calories on a day of rest, she will neither use stored energy (fat), nor add energy (fat) to her storage.

If on the other hand she were to eat 1,600 calories of food her body will store the unused energy, and add 400 calories of fat to storage.

Unlock Fat Storage

Unlocked Chain lock with the key in  it similar to being able to unlock the fat stored in your body

The opposite is also true. If she were to eat 800 calories of food her body will unlock the fat storage vaults and use 400 calories of fat, thereby reducing the amount of fat in storage. Or, lose weight.

The second method of losing weight occurs when we…

2. Increase Energy Output.

Stored energy will be used if we exceed the amount of energy available in the blood stream. Body movement in the form of Breath Training, Flexibility Training, High Intensity Interval Training, and Resistance Training are all examples of Increasing Energy Output.

Get Rid of the Guard

a couple cartoons guarding valuable Items just like insulin does your fat.

The third method of losing weight occurs when we…

3. Consolidate Food Intake Time.

This method works by exhausting the supply of insulin circulating in the blood. When we eat even a mouthful of food insulin is pumped into the blood.

Insulin’s job (among other’s) is to use the food we eat as energy for the function of the cells of the body. And if there exists excess energy unlock the storage vaults (fat cells) and store for future use. Making sure to lock it up tight again.

As long as insulin is coursing through the blood stream it guards the use of the stored energy, hording it for the famine that is sure to come. Unfortunately, insulin stays in the blood stream for twelve hours after eating even the smallest morsel of food.

So if we can consolidate the time in a twenty-four-hour period we consume our food to let’s say a six-hour window, leaving eighteen hours without eating, twelve of which insulin will be roaming the corridors, and six of which insulin is gone, gone, gone, we can unlock the fat storage vaults and party, party, party on the scrump-dlily-icious fat calories inside and lose weight.

Simple as 1,2,3

There you have it. Loosing weight is as simple as 1,2,3. Losing weight fast will require a combination of 1,2,3. So here is the skinny in a nutshell.

Avoid consuming any food until noon. Drink two liters of water, or coffee, or tea (no sweetener or cream, you may blend a pat of pure butter in your coffee if you must) instead.

Eat your normal lunch around noon.

Eat a normal snack around two o’clock.

Finish your normal dinner around six o’clock pm. Consume only water, coffee, or tea until noon the next day.

Doing this will Reduce Food Intake (no more breakfast, not even cream or sugar in your coffee), and Consolidate Food Intake Time resulting in six hours of no insulin in the blood stream enabling easy access to the fat cell storage.

Completing forty-five minutes of Training (Breath, Flexibility, Cardio, Resistance) six days a week will Increase Energy Output. Adopting this healthy model will reduce body fat fast naturally.

Nutritional Supplements

By now, you are overwhelmed with joy having exceeded your most wild ambitions on A Golden Voyage. You are aware of your presence connecting with and nourishing every cell of your body making the best food choices available to you, and still, you know your body is lacking in nutrients.

Join us in our next article where we will begin the exploration of Nutritional Supplements.

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  1. Hi I enjoyed reading your site!

    I do the third option of eating in a 6 to 8 hour window and ‘fasting’ for the rest. This combined with number 1 and 2 above has seen me lose of 12kgs in 6 months, so it works and it is good to read about it on your site.

    I hope people read this and realise it REALLY does work and they give it a try, they will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

    1. Hi Craig, very, very, way to cool that you can identify with what I profess. Congratulations to you for altering your eating habits and receiving the rewards. I appreciate the kind words, Doc

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