How many litres of water should I drink in a day?

  • 1.5 liters per 45 kilos of body weight
  • 1.5 quarts per 100 lbs of body weight

Every morning procure at least 2 liters or quart bottles of water and consume them before heading off to sleep.

No, if, ands, or but’s!

How does my body use THAT MUCH WATER Doc?

Your body is one giant electro-chemical power plant. The chemical aspect must have copious amounts of solution (H2O) available for the continuous chemical reactions to occur. Zillions of them every moment of your life.

You think your kick’n’ by some sort of magic? Not even. Miraculous yes, magic no.

For instance, your blood is maintained at 7.4 pH. If it deviates by .5 in either direction (acidic or alkaline) major symptoms ensue i.e. mental confusion, muscle twitching, numb extremities, etc. pH balance is just one of your bodies required continuous chemical reactions.

Chemistry of the body is so fascinating, and complex and requires lot’s of good ol’ H2O. Let’s take for example food.

Water & Food… Peas in a Pod

Let’s say you consume some high-quality nutrients for lunch, then you should:

Chew your liquids,

and chew your food until it’s liquid

That means masticate… Masticate, Masticate, Masticate! It means chew and this makes things so much easier on your digestive system.

The entire process uses water. In the mouth saliva mixes enzymes in solution, this is swallowed and enters the stomach combining the solids with acids in solution creating chyme which is sent to the small intestine.

The small intestine uses nine liters of water a day processing nutrients into the body. After the nutrients from the chyme are absorbed into the blood the waste products and water left over is passed on to the large intestine.

The last stage of food digestion occurs in the large intestine where waste combines with water and is sent out of the body as feces.

This excrement is made of 75% water and is at the end of a long chemical process which requires copious amounts of water.

Should there not be enough water available to complete the elimination, the entire system will back up. Do you know what happens when the poop can’t plop?

Pain, mayhem, body-wide system shut down, complete chaos. Avoid this calamity. Consume two liters of water daily and keep the system running smoothly.

60% of your Body is Water

Smooth, supple skin requires water, blinking eyelids requires water, muscle contraction requires loads of water, need I go on.

60% or better of your body weight is water. Water is being constantly used up and blown out of the body via breath vapor, perspiration, urination, defecation, chemical translation, etc. Continuous replenishing is critical to good health.

If you feel thirsty you are dehydrating. Avoid being thirsty. Be proactive and drink, drink, drink your two liters a day.

In the beginning, when you first start to increase water consumption you will be visiting the restroom frequently.


So start with one liter a day for a week or so, then one and a half, then two, and if you are a larger person, or are physically active move up to three liters a day. In time the bladder will become more able to handle the increased load.

“Doc, how many liters of water should I drink in a day?”
So to be perfectly clear! Load your body with at least two liters of water every day. Remember water is the 2nd most important nutrient for your bodies good health.

The 3rd most important nutrient for your bodies health is Food.

Join us in our next article What’s The Best Food For Good Health. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment please do in the box below. Also feel free to like and share of your favorite social media. Thanks!

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