The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water


The 2nd most important nutrient for the human condition is Water. We can survive only days without consuming water.

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The average human will drink between 2-3 liters per day. Now the question is, which water is wise to consume to promote good health?

What Isn’t There


The benefits of drinking distilled water makes it hands down the clear choice for human consumption in our current era.

The overriding reason is what it DOES NOT have contained within it. Namely, pathogens, metals, chemicals, etc.

All the nasty crud we humans have been contaminating our environment with over the past centuries.

Let’s face it we humans are polluting creatures. I doubt there exists, even in the most remote parts of our ecosystem an area that contains a source of water that is palatable for human consumption.

And if there is, it will be host to pathogens alien to the consumers microbiome which will elicit adverse reactions anyway.

Certainly any metropolis, town, or village inhabited by humans for any length of time has had their source of water rendered non potable. Humans cannot live long without water so we have devised many methods to “treat” the water we do have to make it potable (drinkable).

water with a skull

Around and Around It Goes

Every municipality of any size has a water reclamation facility. A vast system of pipes deliver used water to the facility where copious amounts of chemicals are combined with the sewage and blended until potable again.

The resultant liquid is pumped out another system of pipes and re-delivers it to the consumer. And round and round it goes again and again.

water drop with recycle arrows

Not to worry, governmental guidelines have been implemented to assure the quality of the treated water and it is perfectly safe and healthy for humans to consume this recycled water.

Never mind the plethora of “things” in a glass of water, that isn’t water. So yes, you may be able to survive on municipal water, but can you thrive?


No, you say. I will not subject my body to ordinary tap water. I will buy bottled water that has been extraordinarily purified.

Consuming a higher purified water than what comes out of the tap makes perfect health sense. Certainly in most countries of the world it is a must, for what comes out of the tap will sicken the most robust of us.

Bottled water is an okay solution for the water wise, but is it the best idea? The problem with bottled water is that regardless of how many processes of purification the water is subjected to, it will still contain elements unsuited for humans to thrive.

cleaning polluted water video

Humans are ingenious in developing methods of water purification. Among them are, filtration, sedimentation, and biologically active carbon filters.

We mix with chemicals like chlorine, fluorine, and chlorine dioxide. We hit it with electromagnetic radiation of ultraviolet light.

We oxidize it with Ozone. We use high pressure pumps in saturated saline solution forcing the water across a semipermeable membrane in hopes of removing all impurities through Reverse Osmosis.

These purification methods do a good job of it …mostly.

Mostly Extraordinary

Mostly, but not all contaminants are removed by these purifying methods.

distilled water filter

Heavy metals

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…the list goes on are what these processes are attempting to remove. Regardless, in the end, contaminants remain in the water you so assiduously consume.

Don’t get me wrong. These purification processes are way in front of no process. The thing is, I figure why not distill the water and have done with it?

H2O callout

Distilled water contains only H20. Two Hydrogen molecules bonded to one Oxygen molecule, water, and nothing else. Just what the body needs to thrive.

Distillation has been around for nearly 2,000 years. It is a simple process of boiling contaminated water until it begins to evaporate as steam. Steam is nearly pure H2O.

The steam rises in the air leaving the contaminants in the boiling pot. Trap the steam and direct it into a clean container and wha-la, nearly pure H2O.

Nearly There

I say nearly pure because some Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s) have lower boiling points than water and if present will vaporize with the steam. Two methods are used to rid the final distilled water from this contaminant.

Private, in-home users pre boil the water for a few minutes in an open pot there by off gassing the VOC’s prior to distilling. This has the added benefit of heating the water prior to distilling.

Commercial distillers use a pinhole gas vent in the condensing coils. In both procedures, if any VOC’s remain, and that is a big if, the collected steam is run through a carbon filter and now only H2O remains.

Flush the Naysayer’s of Distilled Water

The fact that only H2O is in distilled water causes some to discourage the long term use of distilled water for fear of its lack of mineral content. The thought is you will not get the minerals found in tap or purified water.

Further, distilled water will leach minerals from your body. To my way of thinking neither idea holds water.

man in a toilet

The most common minerals found in tap or bottled water are inorganic forms of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Phosphorous. In order to get the USA Recommended Daily Allowance of these minerals from drinking water, one would need to consume over 500 8oz cups daily!

Clearly we do not derive our minerals from water. We get our vital organic minerals from the foods we eat.

The idea distilled water leaches minerals from our bodies is likewise unfounded. Plants convert inorganic minerals from the soil in which they grow, into organic minerals which are useful to our bodies. In the stomach, these organic minerals are chelated(bond with a protein) and carried to our cells.

Once there are used for a zillion healthy purposes. Distilled water has no properties by which it can remove organic minerals from our living tissues.

Myth Busted stamp

Water Wise

I have studied water for twenty-five years and have concluded the Distilled variety is the wise choice. Distilled water will promote human health better than any other.

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  1. Awesome post Doc! I am a huge nerd when it comes to drinking the purest water possible. I despise tap water. Over the years I have tried most of the filters available and finally ended up settling on Spring water. I knew that distilled water was pure but I was always told not to drink it for the reasons you listed. Interested to hear that it doesn’t actually leach minerals from our body. I’m going to pick some up the next time in the store and give it a shot. I would think that it has a cleaner taste than spring water. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Hey Dan, I am glad you were able to glean actionable information from my post. Pure H2O seems to make sense to me. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts on your journey to good health. All the Best, Doc

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