What to Brew Kombucha in for the Best Fermentation

How to make Scoby Kombucha tea, The Elixir of Life.

clear cup of Kombucha Tea

Step (1)

Brew Tea.

Step (2)

Mix Tea, sugar water and place Scoby into Tea Jug.

Step (3)

Cover Tea with cheesecloth let ferment for 6-8 days.

Step (4)

Add fruit let ferment 2-3 more days.

Refrigerate & Enjoy!

Voss bottles with Kombucha and fruit inside

{I’ve found the fermenting process can take more or less time depending on where you live.}

Best Tea Types

2 kinds of tea works best for Kombucha

Black Tea
Green Tea
(Mixing both teas together is a good option as well)

Herbal Tea is also good if you don’t want the caffeine.

Box of green tea and a box of black tea

Start Makeing Scoby Kombucha Tea Brewing the Tea

STEP (1)

Bringing 4 cups of water to a boil

Add 3 tea bags of your choice

Add ½ cup of sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved

Turn off the stove and let brew for 10-min

Pot of Tea

Now for the Scoby

The jellyfish-like creature that grows in the jug of tea and feeds off the sugar your supplying is called a Scoby.

Kobe the Scoby in a tea jug

He, She or it is your pet and you can name’em because it’s alive! For instance, I’ve dubbed mine Kobe the Scoby.

STEP (2)

Pour your tea into a gallon or half gallon jug make sure your tea is room temperature or at least less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place your Scoby into the new jug of tea.

There must be about a cup of Kombucha from either a batch that you already made or you can go buy some from the store ( Must be Non-Flavored Kombucha).

This will get your new batch started.

Scobies NEED to breathe so no sealed lids!

STEP (3)

kombucha tea jug with cloth and ruberband

Grab a cheesecloth and a rubber band to secure the cheesecloth to the top of the jug. This is just to make sure nothing gets inside.

Depending on humidity you will let the jug sit in a dark place for at least 7-8 days

  • Cabinets
  • Closets etc…

Taste Test

There’s a way to tell for yourself if the brew is ready. Yes it’s the taste test.

So, this is where it starts to become more of your choice. I like my Kombucha to be a happy medium between not too sweet and not too sour, with just a little fizziness to it…

…If you like your’s to be really Kombuchaeee tasting then just let it sit another day or so.

Don’t worry if it’s not as fizzy as you want it because now we get into the fun part of Kombucha brewing… as if it’s not been totally fun already!

Second Fermentation- The Flavoring

Voss bottles used in second fermentation

It’s completely ok to just stop with the first stage put it in the fridge and enjoy from there but if you want to try different flavors and do your own experimentation you can…

…Which I definitely recommend because it’s fun and much more delightful to drink…

Here is what you will be doing.

OK, your Kombucha tea is exactly how you want it and now you want to add some flavor.

STEP (4)

Grab a glass bowl and take your Scoby out of the jug and place into the glass bowl. Add about 1 cup of the Kombucha tea in with your Scoby. Remember this will start the next batch.

Now find or buy some air tight containers. As you can see from the last picture even Voss bottles make for good brewing vessels.

red arrow pointing at old school beer bottle
Most commonly used Container

Take your favorite fruit or literally ANYTHING you want to try and put it in.

Fruit Market


I chop my fruit up nice and small because I like eating it.

It’s kind of like that bubble tea but it’s wayyy better!


You can just toss your fruits into the blender and add about an inch of the puree into the bottom of your bottle. Or more it’s up to you once you start playing around with what you like


Add your favorite juice or if you have a juicer then you can juice your own.


If you don’t like the chunks just use a strainer and throw the pieces out or toss them into you next blended. Kombucha smoothies are great!

There really are endless possibilities to what you can do flavor-wise.

My Super-Tasty batches include:

-Pineapple Ginger
-Pomegranate Ginger
-Pineapple, Pomegranate, Passion fruit both with and without Ginger
-Banana, Passion Fruit

…I will continue to update with successful flavor combinations…

Moldy Scoby

What happens when you find some mold on your Scoby. It’s not that big of a deal just throw it out, clean your jug and start over.

The mold will show up as a blue or red color on your Scoby it will be noticeable. The yeast clinging to a clear baby Scoby can give off a kind of blueish hue. That’s not what the mold will look like.

Moldy Kombucha and not moldy Kombucha

Scoby Hotel

If your real serious then you will start to build what is now called a scoby hotel. Remember when I said you would be getting a baby Scoby about every week or so?

Well instead of just throwing them out you can make a Scoby Hotel to store all your extra Scobies in.

It will come in handy for both starting new batches because the tea that you keep in the Hotel vessel will be very potent.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

#1 – Great for Gut Health

#2 – Detoxing and Cleansing propertie

#3 – Ph Balance & Joint Health

#4 – Natural Anti-oxidents

#5 – Natrual Energizer

Ending Thoughts

There you have it, literally an endless supply of Kombucha as long as you keep feeding your Scoby.

Once your Scoby has grown to a decent size it will soon have babies of its own for more delicious fermented Kombucha. This will continue to happen over and over again!

You can give the excess to one of your friends or family members and they can start fermenting their Kombucha too!!

Scobies are relatively easy to find Amazon has them for sale, bigger grocery stores may carry them or if you just so happen to know someone who brews then I’m willing to bet they will be happy to give you one to start.

LIKE it SHARE it! And if you have any questions please leave a comment below. I will get back to you ASAP!

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